//christine’s flying high

christine’s flying high

Christine has breast cancer and her dream was to take a helicopter ride with her 3 children and husband. With thanks to Oceanview helicopters her wish came true. Read more of Christine’s story below…

“the orange pigeon. A unique and special organisation providing special wishes and comfort, giving moments of distraction for seriously ill adults in Australia”

Christine is only 31, a kind-hearted mother of 3 and a nurse – she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April last year. Sadly, this has now progressed to secondary cancer of the brain and has very little time left. She had been to her GP several times however signs were ignored until she took control and went to see a specialist who later confirmed her worst fears. Her wish before her illness took its toll on her was to share a special helicopter flight with her husband Shaun and children Kyan, Xanthe and Boden. We were lucky to be able to get the family booked in with Mark from Oceanview Helicopters who was amazing and treated their family with extra time to fly down the coast and did all he could to help them smile. Christine’s message (and ours too) is to listen to your bodies, if you think there is something not quite right, please get a second opinion. This shouldn’t happen to anyone.

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