R44 AUD $1,100.00 (plus GST)
R66 AUD $1,599.00 (plus GST)

Duration: 1 Hours (approx.)
Location: Caloundra, QLD

Want to create your own tour. Then our private charter is for you. When you book a private Charter with us the helicopter and pilot is all yours. No booking by the seat or sharing with others. You have 1hr to create your very own custom flight.  It's like having your very own aircraft and pilot and in our Robinson R44/R66 helicopter you can take up to 3 with R44 and up to 4 with R66.

Private Charter

From: $1,100.00 60 minutes

Private Charter: R44 or R66

R44 AUD $1,100.00 (plus GST) up to 3 participants
R66 AUD $1,599.00 (plus GST) up to 4 participants
: 1 Hours (approx.)
Booking 2 helicopters: Select R44 – complete details and add to cart – then book same time slot Select R66 and complete details and add to cart them pay to complete transaction.

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